EE6361-Advanced Topics in VLSI Class Quiz
3T Micro Sense Amplifier
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Q1. An eDRAM has a cell capacitance of 20fF and an access transistor with 600mV threshold voltage (Vtn ), a W/L = 2 and μnCox = 160 μA/V^ 2. The maximum variation in Vtn is ±45mV . If the array voltage VBLH = 900mV , answer the following. What is the word-line(WL) high voltage (VPP )? Express your answer in Volts
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Q2. When writing a logic 1, if the WL is instantaneously turned ON what region is the access device in and why? You may assume that the BL has been charged to VBLH before turning ON the WL.
Q3. Derive an expression for the nominal write time τ (Vf ) :- defined as the time required to charge the cell to a final voltage Vf with the access transistor having a nominal Vtn. Calculate the write time when Vf= 800mV and VPP is further increased by 55 mV from problem 1
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Q4. The write time when Vf= 900mV
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Q5. It is possible to write a complete VBLH voltage into the cell if VPP is increased accordingly
Q6. In micro sense amp the threshold voltage of the RH transistor is 250mV. The LBL capacitance is 4fF for 32 WLs connected to the BL. Assuming that the cell capacitance is 20fF and array voltage is 1V, if now the number of WLs made 4X
Q7. In a 3T micro sense amp, in recharge condition
Q8. In a 3T micro sense amp, in order to make the read operation faster the threshold voltage of
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