Archery PIC
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What preparations need to be made prior to shooting? *
Once you pass Archery PIC, you may shoot on any range you want *
When is archery not allowed on the designated Archery Range? *
When is archery NOT allowed on the Archery / Special Use Range? *
Who is the only person that may call the Archery Range HOT or COLD *
What should you do when you are finished shooting? *
Where should shooting take place from? *
It is acceptable to draw your bow: *
What if archers want to shoot at different distances? *
If an animal or person is on the range, who may call a CEASE FIRE? *
What should you do if you lose an arrow behind the target *
What is the maximum number of arrows that may be shot during a shooting round? *
When may archers under the age of 18 shoot at ISA? *
If you are under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, you are NOT permitted to use ISA Ranges and Facilities. *
You may only nock arrows while on the shooting line. *
Archery Walking Path Questions
The direction of the walking path shooting lanes start from ___________ and end at __________ *
There are range flags at either end of the path that need to be put out and returned at each shooting session. *
You can shoot at another animal target that is not in your colored shooting lane.
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What is the maximum number of shooters at a time? *
The maximum number of arrows per round is? *
When moving down range to retrieve your arrows, where do you leave your bow? *
Archery Broadhead Pit Questions
Where can you shoot? *
Where can you place your target? *
What kind of tips must be on the arrow?
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when loading a crossbow it must be pointed *
It is safe to put a loaded crossbow on the ground? *
Do you have to use a safety on a crossbow? *
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