Oral Language Pupil Questionnaire
Class *
Do you spend time talking to anyone at home after school? *
Do you talk about what happened at school each day with someone at home? *
How confident do you feel in the following situations? *
Not confident at all, I really don't enjoy this
Not confident
Okay, I don't mind
Confident, I can do this
Very confident, I really enjoy doing this
Talking to my friends in the yard
Sharing my news during Circle Time in class
Reading out loud in class
Asking teacher for help in school
Presenting my project to my class
Telling good news at Assembly
Asking questions at school
Answering questions at school
Asking questions at home
Giving directions to somebody
Giving instructions to somebody (e.g. how to play a game or make a cake)
Telling a story to my whole class
Telling a story to my family
Bringing a message to another teacher
What do you find difficult about speaking out loud in front of others? *
What are the things that make someone a "good speaker"? *
What can teachers do to help you become more confident at speaking? *
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