Quest for Questioners - Teacher Survey
Use this form to give honest, anonymous feedback about the Quest for Questioners program.
How important for you is the ability to ethically reason? (ethical reasoning: to think critically about and question situations, scenarios, and beliefs to make the most informed decision) *
Not Important
Very Important
Did you ever incorporate critical thinking into your classroom prior to this experience? *
Quite Frequently
Did you feel that Q4Q provided an engaging, intellectually stimulating, and/or challenging experience for you and your students? *
Not in the slightest.
Yes, very much so!
Was the Ethical Reasoning Educator punctual, prepared, knowledgeable, approachable, engaging, and overall enjoyable to work with during his/her presentation or correspondence with you and your class? *
This facilitator met little to none of the above expectations.
The facilitator exceeded all expectations.
How likely are you to continue using the 8 Key Questions or incorporating ethical reasoning into your classroom? *
Very Unlikely
Extremely Likely
Feel free to provide any other constructive criticisms, opinions, or concerns about the Quest for Questioners program or its facilitators here in this optional box.
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