COVID-19 (JCN Families)
We greatly appreciate you completing this survey. The data (numbers only, not any names) will be provided to the county health department to request a waiver for making up missed days. The food service information will assist us in seeking a waiver to provide food to assist families during these days of cancellation. Keep in mind, if we have grab-n-go lunches, we must have students visible. Adults are unable to collect the food without children present due to federal guidelines. ALL CHILDREN UNDER AGE 18 WOULD RECEIVE A FREE BREAKFAST AND/OR LUNCH. We will probably have two meals picked up at once and possibly more than one day at a time. Thank you for your time!
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Please list your child(ren)'s first name and grade level. (For example: Marge- PreK, Hank- 3rd, Sue- 6th, Mel- 10th) *
During spring break, did you travel outside of our Jefferson County? *
Did you travel outside of the ______________?
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Where did you travel?
Would your children participate in grab-n-go or delivery breakfasts and/or lunches if we receive a waiver from the school lunch program? (We may be able to begin as early as Thursday and continue through next week's school closing.)
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If you marked, "other" in the previous question, please provide additional information:
If your children would participate in the food program, could you get to the elementary or high school to pick up meals?
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If you marked, "other" in the previous question, please provide additional information:
Do you have internet access for your children if this closure lasts for a longer period of time?
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Do you have technology at home for your child's use (i.e. iPad, computer, phone)?
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Please provide the best contact phone number and email if we need to contact your family over the next few days (weeks) as we work through COVID-19.
Keeping in mind, information is changing daily and we don't have answers to many of our questions, is there other information you would like us to know or further concerns we should address?
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