Healing Medicine for Mamas: Birth Story Circle
Healing Medicine for Mamas is a new monthly women's gathering in SLO intended to bring healing to local mothers by facilitating a safe, warm, loving environment with open hearts and minds.

Birth Story Circles give us a chance to share and hear others stories surrounding their birth experience. Whether your birth went exactly as you had planned, or if it was full of challenges, your story is worth sharing and hearing.

• Sunday, January 20th 4-6pm
• Sunday, February 24th 4-6pm
• Sunday, March 24th 4-6pm
• Sunday, April 28th 4-6pm
• Sunday, May 19th 4-6pm

SLO Yoga Center in the Marigold Center on Broad St: 3840-1 Broad St, SLO, CA 93401

$20 per session

“The truth is, in order to heal we need to tell our stories and have them witnessed...The story itself becomes a vessel that holds us up, that sustains, that allows us to order our jumbled experiences into meaning. As I told my stories of fear, awakening, struggle and transformation and had them received, heard, and validated by other women, I found healing.

I also needed to hear other women's stories in order to see and embrace my own. Sometimes another woman's story becomes a mirror that shows me a self I haven't seen before. When I listen to her tell it, her experience quickens and clarifies my own. Her questions rouse mine. Her conflicts illumine my conflicts. Her resolutions call forth my hope. Her strengths summon my strengths. All of this can happen even when our stories and our lives are very different.”

― Sue Monk Kidd, The Dance of the Dissident Daughter

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