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*This award serves K-8th grade teachers and educators.
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*Districts and LEAs serving elementary students are eligible to apply for this opportunity. Applications will not be accepted from individual schools or teachers but must be authorized and submitted through their District or LEA. District-wide implementation is a strategy to ensure an equitable implementation and that participant demographics align to district demographics as a whole.
If deemed eligible to apply, we would be able to obtain superintendent (or approved designee) approval for the required Superintendent Recommendation Form. *
*District support is a critical component in the successful implementation of this initiative. If you don’t yet have superintendent or district support we’ve provided resources, including a way to contact your superintendent, and projects you can do right away at www.bootuppd.org/afe-resources!
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*NCES Definition: "Minority students include students who are Black, Hispanic, Asian, Pacific Islander,
American Indian/Alaska Native, and of Two or more races"
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Thank you for completing the Eligibility Quiz and Interest form! For more information please visit www.afebootup.smapply.org. We will be in touch!
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