2017 Track & Field Volunteer Form-Community Volunteers
STOP AND READ!!! Please note that this form is for volunteers who are not directly affiliated with AAA Track & Field (such as high school students looking to complete volunteer service hours). If you have a family member registered with AAA Track & Field and you'd like your volunteer hours to fulfill your family's obligation for the 2017 season, please go to andoverathletic.com, click on DIBS, log in, and select 2017 Track & Field Volunteering in order to sign up to fulfill your volunteer commitment.
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Did you read the instructions above? If not, please go back and read now! *
This form is for community volunteers such as high school students, NOT for parents of AAA track & field participants.
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Please describe any special skills, experiences, or limitations of the volunteer (specifically include any formal medical training and/or track & field experience you may have):
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If you need hours certified (for example for Natl Honors Society, Government Class, Scouts, etc.), please indicate below which class or organization needs the certification and how many hours you'd like to work with the Track & Field Program toward your needed hours.
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Please select the meet date/dates and shift times for which you would like to volunteer (check as many as you would like). *
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