Arts Publishing Survey (2023)
This little survey is intended for anyone who participates in the world of artists books and art publishing in any capacity! This includes zinesters, comic artists, poetry chapbooks, bookstores, exhibition spaces, etc. It was created in tandem with the "Are You Going My Way?" panel for the Seattle Art Book Fair 2023 (May 6–7 at Washington Hall).

Our goal is to create a quick map of how people have: (A) entered this community and (B) worked + survived within it—and to get some ideas around developing resources to further welcome, support, and sustain artist publishers.

It is mostly multiple choice questions (please check all options that apply) though there are write-in opportunities, and you are welcome to expand in the "Other" option on questions. It is 37 questions and should take about 15 minutes to complete.

The survey is divided into the following four sections:
  1. Who are you?
  2. How did you get started in arts publishing?
  3. The numbers and logistics.
  4. Final questions (open-ended + speculative)!
Results will be published on @seattleartbookfair and emailed out to participants. Thank you so much!
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① — Who are you? (11 questions)

What sorts of things do you do in this little arts publishing world? 
Please check all that apply, or write in some words if you don’t see yourself in these!
If you want to write a little more about what you do (or have some sort of blurb on hand) feel free to include it here! (No pressure though.)
What sorts of topics are covered in the projects you work on?
And what kinds of formats do you work in?
What else do you do in the world?
In your work in artists books, do you operate mostly independently or do you work with other people?
And (if you work with others) what's the nature of those collaborations?
Are you the principal artist, a direct collaborator, providing a service, working with a partner, etc?
Where (geographically) are you located?
What age range do you fall into?
Clear selection
Are you a part of any of the following demographic groups (with historic exclusion from and low representation in the arts)?
Anything else we should know about you?

② — How did you get started in arts publishing? (11 questions)

There's lots of options to all of these—please check all that apply!
What kinds of things categorize how you got into this field (or where you were beforehand)?
Could you describe a little what you were doing before arts publishing or how/where you found it?
The next four questions deal with the first arts publication you made (or worked on). There's a lot of different options in these—once again please check all that apply (and read through them all)!
When did you make that first publication?
Who was involved in the project?
How many copies did you produce (roughly)?
If you want to, please describe that first publication!
(That's it for the first publication—back to our regularly scheduled questions.)
How were other people a part of you getting started?
And how have you found (or not found) community in this field?
How do you contribute to the arts publishing community?
Anything else you want to share about how you found arts publishing?
Anything you want to share about the community in your location (geographic)?
What sorts of things would have helped you feel more supported as you got started in arts publishing?

③ — The numbers and logistics. (8 questions)

How long have you been working in this field?
In the world of artists books or art publishing, what do you consider a “short run” of a project?
What are the typical run sizes on most of the projects you yourself work on?
How does your income (if any) from arts publishing fit in your overall income / living expenses?
There's two parts in this—what portion of your income comes from this field, and how dependent you are on the work you do in it—please check all that apply.
What are your vibes around capitalism? (1 sentence, keep it brief!)
The projects I work on are usually funded by:
And how about paying for (or tracking) labor?
Generally (financially) the projects I work on tend to:

④ — Final questions (open-ended + speculative)! (7 questions)

What hopes or dreams do you have for the future of the arts publishing community?
What question(s) would you like to ask the other people who have taken (or will take) this survey?
What upcoming project(s) are you currently excited about (could be yours or someone else’s)?
Any recommended readings? (We’re going to compile a little reading list for folks!)
Are you interested in any sort of follow-up from this?
How'd you find this survey? (So we can identify patterns/biases that come from our distribution channels.)
Any final thoughts?
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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