Cosbrarian's Folklore with Friends
NOTE, 2/7/2022: I need to put a pause on opening new projects with collaborators, as I currently have a long list of folks to make projects with.  Please still fill out the form if you'd like to work together - but note that I may take awhile to get back to you as I work through my first group. Thanks for your interest and your patience!

Thanks for your interest in being a collaborator on "Folktales with Friends!"  Folktales with Friends is a monthly-ish series I'm starting on Tiktok to share non-Eurocentric tales with people from those communities. This collaboration would come with a small stipend of $20 - $50 depending on involvement. If my income increases from this series, I hope to increase the stipend.

Please note, I am specifically seeking collaborators from black, indigenous, and other underrepresented communities.

This form will collect some basic info from you on who you are and how you'd like to collaborate.  Thank you for your interest - I look forward to working with you!
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How would you like me to introduce you in this series (by name, alias, or tiktok handle?) *
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What are your pronouns? *
Depending how we work together, I may introduce you with some fun facts or basic info on who you are in the world. Do you have anything you'd like me to include?
How are you interested in collaborating? Please share your own ideas if I have not covered it. *
What community (or communities) do you represent (culturally or otherwise)? *
Do you have a specific tale you are interested in telling? *
If you have specific tales or topics you are interested in, please share them here.
Have you already shared a tale on your account that you'd simply like me to duet or share? Please include the link if so!
If you have a particular month you would like to participate in (or any conflicts) please list them here.
This is very hypothetical: But would you have any interest in appearing together in a YouTube or Podcast episode if I ever expand to those platforms? *
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