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Come and Join the Istanbul Principles @ 7 Grand Bazaar!
Breaking Ground and Taking Root: The Istanbul Principles @ 7
Sukosol Hotel | Bangkok, Thailand 30-31 March 2017
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The global CSO community will gather in Bangkok, Thailand on 30-31 March 2017 to take stock of the progress on how CSOs around the world are implementing the Istanbul Principles for CSO Development Effectiveness. The event will be attended by over 200 civil society organizations (CSOs) and government representatives championing the cause for CSO development effectiveness and enabling environment. Seven years since the Istanbul Principles were formed, practices on improving CSO effectiveness and accountability has reached greater heights as evidenced in publications that document the good practices as well as the challenges faced by CSOs especially those on the ground.

It is in this light that the CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness (CPDE) as host of this conference, is offering spaces for Grand Bazaar – a space where civil society can showcase and highlight their good practices, initiatives, issues, challenges and lessons learned in improving their own effectiveness and accountability at all levels.

What is the purpose of the Grand Bazaar?

The main purpose of the Grand Bazaar is aimed at showcasing the initiatives of the participants concerning the improvement of their development effectiveness. It aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and ideas by exploring other means to highlight CSO initiatives in improving their effectiveness as independent development actors.
Publications, products, or installations eligible for the exhibit shall be related to, and appropriate to the chosen themes and objectives of the conference – the improvement of CSO effectiveness, accountability and the issue of enabling environment.

What facilities will be available?

The IP+7 Grand Bazaar will take place throughout the two days of the IP+7 conference which will be held at the Sukosol Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. The Grand Bazaar will be held in a designated area in the hotel--prominently displayed and easily accessible by all participants in the conference. Each exhibitor will be provided with 1 meter by 1 meters of space wherein they may arrange their display. A draped tabletop and two chairs will also be provided. If available and if space permits, provisions for a larger exhibition spaces may be designated.

Exhibitors are responsible for all costs associated with the setting up, display, and content of their booths including signs, communication products, and shipping of materials among others. There will be no additional security beyond the standard hotel personnel for the exhibit area. Exhibitors are responsible for the safety and security of all their products and equipments on display.

When is the deadline of submissions?

All application forms must be submitted on or before 27 March 2017. The secretariat will contact applicants to provide further logistical information about their exhibitions.

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