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for Fresh Fill Convenience Stores, Inc.
More information about our concept can be found at www.freshfillstores.com
We are a Convenience Store / Gas Station located in Los Banos, CA. Thank you for your interest in an employment opportunity.
2270 E. Pacheco Blvd. Los Banos, CA 936356
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We have a unique organizational structure within our company. We don't have general managers, which allows us to offer a premium starting wage for all Associates. So instead of having managers, our associates work together as a team and we expect more from our team compared to a simple "kick-back" job . The dropdown options provided in the selections below are for different areas our Associates have an opportunity to focus on. Please choose which areas you have the most passion, interest AND/OR experience in:
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Please email your resume/CV to wecare@freshfillstores.com. In the Subject line of the email with your resume, please include the text, "Employment Interest".
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