Setting up a cognitive research agenda
演講標題:Setting up a cognitive research agenda

演 講 者:Dr. Jinjun Xiong (IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, program Director)

時 間:2016/10/13 (四) 10:00 ~ 12:00 PM

地 點:交大工程四館816室


1. 人數40人
2. 報名網址:

主辦單位:交大-IBM 智慧物聯網巨量資料研發中心、電機系



The landscape of computing is rapidly changing, and a new computing paradigm, cognitive computing, is upon us. Cognitive computing will transform in many ways how we live in our society and how business process is conducted, from personalized education to precision medicine, from preventive healthcare to green energy systems, from insurance policy underwriting to banking regulations. The potentials and opportunities are endless. There are, however, a number of key challenges that have hindered the wide application of cognitive computing to solve many interesting problems. This talk will shed some light on those research challenges, share the speaker’s experience in addressing some of those challenges, and most importantly, discuss how a coherent cognitive research agenda could be setup in an academia setting so that a joint effort can be put together to push the frontiers of cognitive computing for societal impacts.


Dr. Jinjun Xiong is currently the Program Director for Cognitive Computing Systems Research, reporting to the Chief Science Officer at the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center. He is responsible for defining the scientific agenda and strategic directions for advanced cognitive computing systems research across industries, academia and governmental agencies. Prior to that role, Dr. Xiong was a manager of the Smarter Energy group, responsible for the IBM Research’s Big Bet Program on Smarter Energy Research, including its strategies and execution. Dr. Xiong also pioneered the statistical data-driven methodology for improving VLSI chip yields, and developed many novel variational-aware design optimization techniques that were used by multiple generations of IBM's high performance ASIC and server designs. Dr. Xiong received his Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from University of California, Los Angeles in 2006, and since then has been a Research Staff Member with IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center. His research interests include cognitive computing, big data analytics, deep learning, smarter energy, and application of cognitive computing for industrial solutions.

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