Across the globe, one discovers mermaid tales clinging like barnacles onto historic seaports, sharing themes of the cross-cultural outsider, environmental imbalance, and gender inequality. Here you can cast your own words into the net and voice alternative endings to the bad bargains made by little mermaids.

Directions: Please add your words into the digital text feed by typing into Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 below. Short sentences or fragments work well. Don't forget to click SUBMIT at the end!   Thank you!
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Part 1 - Innocence & Curiosity:
Little mermaid lives with her family in an underwater palace, deep down at the bottom of the sea...
Part 2 - Stormy Seas & Shipwreck:
When she grows old enough, the mermaid swims up to the surface where she encounters a ship on the stormy sea...
Part 3 - Bargains & Choices:                                                      
There are many bargains to make in the seaport... What will the little mermaid choose to do?
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