Asheville Middle Student Survey Fall 2019
Instructions: Today you are answering the following questions to help your school understand what your life is like. Your answers will help us improve what happens at school and in your classrooms.

Please answer the questions as honestly as you can. There are no right or wrong answers; your answers will not be graded or connected to you.

Community and Youth Collaborative Institute School Experience Surveys: Copyright © 2014 The Ohio State University.
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School Attitudes
Strongly Disagree
Neither Disagree or Agree
Strongly Agree
I have a positive attitude toward school.
I feel I have made the most of my school experiences so far.
I like the challenge of learning new things in school.
I am confident in my ability to manage my school work.
I feel my school experience is preparing me well for adulthood.
I have enjoyed my school experience so far.
I enjoy coming to school.
I am proud to be a student at my school.
I feel like I belong at my school.
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