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Birth Boot Camp: Your Headquarters For An Amazing Birth
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We, (Mother and Birth Partner), understand that all curriculum by Laci Watson Birth Services is written and produced by Birth Boot Camp, Inc. Birth Boot Camp Instructors offer information on childbirth and a variety of other topics. Instructors do not offer medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If students have any concerns or questions about their health or the health of their baby, they should consult with a physician or other health-care professional. Laci Watson is not a medical professional, but, is a certified Birth Boot Camp Instructor (BBCI). I waive all liability to Laci Watson of Laci Watson Birth Services LLC upon signing up for her classes and recognize she is offering suggestions and education to assist me in ultimately making my own decisions regarding my birth, the birth of my baby, or my partner's birth. I understand that all health related information will be discussed with my Midwife or Doctor.
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