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1. I understand that this application is to host a youth rugby tournament in Southern California, that the completed form must be submitted to SCYR and that my tournament is not approved until I receive written confirmation from SCYR.
2.  I further understand that once SCYR's approval is completed, I will be directed to complete USA Rugby's Sanctioning process, which includes supplying them with an initial and regularly updated list of teams attending our tournament and that my tournament WILL NOT be covered by USA Rugby's insurance if this process is not properly completed.
3. I understand that NO ALCOHOL is to be permitted at any youth rugby event in Southern California, and that any alcohol related violation will lead, at minimum, to the suspension of the individuals and clubs involved.
4. I agree to set up and follow SCYR's Technical Zone & Sideline Management Policy for all rugby pitches at the tournament.
5.  I understand that Referees and Athletic Trainer costs are my/the host responsibility for payment, not SCYR.  
6. I understand that all players from Southern California participating in the tournament need to be fully registered, ID verified, and on a printed SCYR Match Report, and if there are any teams attending the tournament from outside Southern California they must submit Inbound Tour Forms for approval. The Inbound Tour Form is available at
7. I understand that I will need to work closely with the SCYR Referee Allocator assigned to my region to work to find referees but cannot guarantee that referees will be available for tournaments.  I will also use graduates of the Introduction to Refereeing (IRC) course to cover any U10/12/14 brackets to the greatest extent possible. Referee costs will be paid by the tournament.
8.  I understand that if a player is red carded during the tournament that he/she will not be able to play for the rest of the tournament. Any player that is yellow carded twice in the same match will also not be able to play for the remainder of the tournament.
9.  I agree that if a major injury or other incident occurs, I will fill out and submit USA Rugby's Incident Report Form, to enable CIPP insurance claims to be filled out:
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