27on 11/27: an appeal for Ditmas Parents, by Ditmas Parents in support of Language Access
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Parent Ambassadors: Language Accessibility Survey
Do you read, speak, or write in any language other than English? (Please check all that apply)

Providing language access services for limited-English proficient parents is a priority at Ditmas. We are working with our vast & varied learning community to identify and utilize qualified bi- or multilingual parents who can assist in providing interpretation (verbal) and translation (written) services.

Please take this language survey in order for us to identify bi- or multilingual parents who are available to provide language services to parents who request such services in order to communicate with the DOE regarding critical information about their child's education.

Language Accessibility *
Do you read, speak, or write in any language other than English? (Please check all that apply)
If you indicated that you do speak, read, or write in a language other than English, please answer the questions below.
Congratulations - you're multilingual! Let's work together...
Comfort level *
How often do you (or would you) speak another language directly with parents?
Interpret (verbal language access) *
How often do you interpret at your school (to facilitate a conversation between a parent & someone at the school?
Translate (written language access) *
How often do you translate documents at your school? (Can mean translating an English document, into your preferred language)
Accessibility *
Please indicate if you would like to make yourself available to volunteer your language skills as a Parent Ambassador, for Ditmas I.S. 62 Parents. This may include serving as an interpreter (verbal) or a translator (written).
Availability *
Please indicate the days & times your are available to serve as an interpreter or translator at Ditmas I.S. 62
8am - 11am
11am - 1pm
12pm - 3pm
All Day (8am - 3pm)
5:30pm - 8pm (Parent Events)
I am not available, any of these days or times.
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