United States History Assessment
8th Grade Social Studies - Pre-Assessment
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1. Using the etching of the Boston Massacre below, from whose point of view was it created? (Content Statement 1) *
2. Why was tobacco a key to the success for some southern colonies? (Content Statement 2) *
3. Which of the following would best describe why England and France fought a series of wars during the 1750’s. (Content Statement 3) *
4. Which of the following would best describe the attitude among many American colonists following the French and Indian War? (Content Statement 3) *
5. Which of the following best describes why Africans were brought to southern plantations? (Content Statement 4) *
6. Which of the following offers the best definition of “unalienable rights” or “Natural rights”? (Content Statement 5) *
7. Which of the following was the greatest reason for the American Revolution? (Content Statement 5)) *
8. Which of the following best describes the political relationship of the American people immediately following the Revolution? (Content Statement 6) *
9. Which of the following was the best explanation for the failure of the Articles of Confederation? (Content Statement 7) *
10. Which example set by Washington helped establish peaceful transitions between presidents? (Content Statement 8) *
11. Which of the following best describes how and why Washington was able to end the Whiskey Rebellion quickly? (Content Statement 8) *
12. Which of the following best describes the democratic ideals that untie us as Americans and give us a common national identity? (Content Statement 17) *
13. Which of the following was the greatest accomplishment of Thomas Jefferson’s presidency? (Content Statement 9) *
14. The growing of cotton throughout the south led to which of the follow effects on the environment? (Content Statement 14) *
15. Which of the following best describes the decision to build the Erie Canal? (Content Statement 15) *
16. Which of the following was one reason why people from Africa were brought to America as slaves? (Content Statement 16) *
17. How would you best categorize groups like the Sons of Liberty and the Committee of Correspondence? (Content Statement 18) *
18. What was the impact of pamphlets like Common Sense. (Content Statement 19) *
19. Which of the phrases below in the Preamble to the Constitution best describes a representative democracy? (Content Statement 20) *
20. Which of the following best describes the purpose of the Bill of Rights? (Content Statement 21 *
21. What reason did Parliament give for raising taxes in the colonies after 1763? (Content Statement 22) *
22. Which of the following made mass production possible during the Industrial Revolution? (Content Statement 23) *
23. Which of the following explains why governments impose import tariffs? (Content Statement 24) *
24. Which statement best describes the result of the Indian Removal Act? (Content Statement 10) *
25. Identify the reason why it may be financially dangerous to purchase an item with a credit card. (Content Statement 25) *
26. Explain how the reasons for colonizing Jamestown and Plymouth are different. (2 points) (Content Statement 2)
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27. List and explain two reasons why Africans were forced to migrate to the American colonies as slaves? (4 points) (Content Statement 4)
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28. List and explain two causes of the American Revolution. (4 points) (Content Statement 5)
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29. Identify two weaknesses in the Articles of Confederation that were corrected in the U.S Constitution. (2 points) (Content Statement 7)
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