CARVR - Anonymous Incident Report
Carolina AR/VR strives to create a healthy and inclusive environment for learning and growth. If at any point you are involved in or witness a situation which feels wrong or uncomfortable, please speak up and reach out.

Note: if the issue is highly sensitive or you have any concerns regarding a leadership member, please contact either our faculty advisor (Jeff Terrell) directly or a trusted and uninvolved member of the leadership team.

Faculty Advisor
Jeff Terrell <>

Leadership Team
Husam Shaik <>
Jiayi Xu <>
Nolan Scobie <>
Yanan Sun <>
Description *
OPTIONAL: How to contact you if more information is required
Please feel free to leave this blank if you aren't comfortable being contacted, or if you believe the report won't need additional details. If you want to be available for follow up but would prefer to remain anonymous, we encourage the use of a temporary "burner" email address.
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