Healing Power of Communication | Workshop
‘’Empower yourself and others with the depth and simplicity of your communication’’

Uncover and release your voice and improve your communication expression through several vocal purification techniques, transformative breathing and vocal meditation practices.

There is huge connection between your voice and how you project it to the outer world and how it affects the communication between yourself and others.

This workshop is equally accessible for anyone wanting to improve their communication skills with themselves and others; we need to learn how to communicate with ourself before communicating with others.

In this workshop, we will be covering:

• Discover the enormous impact our verbal and non-verbal communication has on each other’s wellbeing and learn how to communicate deeply and effectively.
• Experience the profound effect communication has on your own emotions, your behavior and your body’s ability to heal.
• Learn how to open your heart deeply and get into conscious rapport with everyone you are encountering everyday using language patterns that free and heal.
• Experience opening your whole being into the vast array of life’s emotions: from the heights of exuberance to the very depths of stillness.
• Learn a myriad of valuable transformative tools, including working with phobias, pain management, dealing with conflicting beliefs and unhealthy vows and promises, and liberating yourself from unhealthy behaviours and self-sabotage.
• Learn to work from absolute truth in an atmosphere of grace with the language of empowerment.
• Leave with a host of valuable skills you can use in your personal and professional life, and with the knowledge that you have the ability to work consciously, effectively and gracefully with anyone in your life.

As a Professional artist and performer, I got the experience to work with different people from all over the world, helping individuals to unleash and heal their blockages towards expression and how to clear it through breathing, meditation, tuning and different type of techniques to express each person's own truth. I studied and worked for years using different kind of healing like Quantum Touch, Art of Living breathing Techniques, Alexander Technique, EFT, NLP and Chakras healing.

The healing power of communication is a technique I developed from a personal experience through my own expression and communication with myself and others.

Official Website: www.tonykaldas.com
Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tony_Kaldas
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/tonykaldas
Instagram: instagram.com/tonykaldas

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