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Reason for creation:
From time to time we find that various grids fade in and out of being, being sold to other companies or just shutting down without much notice if any. This brings to mind a number of concerns for content creators intellectual property rights. The Content Creator’s Union, (CCU) is being assembled in an effort to establish standards and best practices for grid owners and creators alike. This includes, but not limited to the following points:

• How the content may be distributed on the grid
• The criteria, time frame and method of executing DMCA’s
• How content purchased by grid owners and their team members may be used
• Security expectations to protection against copybot, illicit content and piracy.
• How content of the CCU is handled if the grid changes hands, merges or is bought out, either by mutual agreement or hostile takeover.

As a CCU community, we will encourage our members to assist each member in the following ways:

• Provide assistance to other members in the CCU to help them become acclimated in the community, educating new members on the goals of the CCU factually and honestly.
• Become aware and educate others on the on legal understandings of the IP, copy and DCMA rights and laws, industry standards and best practices designed to uphold the artists' rights.
• Assist in feasibility and security testing on grids being considered for cross delivery of content.
• Make FACTUAL recommendations on grids. Always act in good faith when reporting a questionable grid, using professional language and supported facts.
• Support each other in the case of unlawful possession of one member’s community outreach projects to recruit creators, events and demonstrations to raise awareness, participation in round tables, deciding on boycotting of grids that participate in illegal or unethical practices and more.

If you are interested in volunteering your time, please contact Michael Somerset in SpotON3d or send an email to the CCU. Thank you for your consideration, and we look forward to seeing you online soon.

Michael R. Sietz president (pro tem)
Michael Somerset (virtual)

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