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I have been living with CRPS for the last 5 1/2 years. During the last two years, I have been working to advocate for our community, increase awareness and make our stories known to the medical community. It is my hope that my blog will be helpful to those who are suffering and that others like you and me, will not feel alone. My vision is to create a section of my blog domain to The CRPS Chronicles where I can share your unique story and your strength. Although our stories are sad and painful, they are also full of hope and resiliency. Thank you for sharing your brave & courageous story! ~ Kelly, The Invisible Warrior from
Author of The Invisible Warrior, Kelly
About Kelly
About me: I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and live in the Beautiful state of Virginia. I developed CRPS over 5 1.2 years ago when I sprained my ankle on a hike in the Caribbean. I wasn't diagnosed for 4 long years and by that time it had spread to both feet and was coming up my legs. I have been in a wheelchair numerous times but with the help of amazing Physical Therapy teams I have stood back up and walked through the flames. I am an advocate for this awful disease and it is my personal mission to bring awareness to the disease that is taking so many lives and leaving us in tremendous pain! You can read more about me & check out my blog at :)
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What would you like for Doctors/Medical Community to know about CRPS?
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