CoMo Girls Rock 2016 Volunteer Application
Thanks for applying to volunteer for CGR! Camp wouldn't be possible without the dedication of our amazing volunteers.

When you are accepted you will be in charge of a big part of camp, so please only apply if you can really dedicate time, energy and creativity!

Pre-Camp Events:
-Potluck and Movie Night: Wednesday, April 20th 7pm @ Hillel (1107 University)
-Volunteer Mini Camp: Sunday, May 22nd 10:30-2:00 @ Hillel (1107 University)
-Mandatory Orientation (all volunteers/staff): Sunday, June 5th - 2pm @ Columbia Area Career Center

*Camp will be held June 6th-10th from 9am-5pm @ Columbia Area Career Center
*Showcase Saturday June 11th at 2pm @ The Blue Note

If you have questions or concerns please contact Ellie at

CoMo Girls Rock Mission Statement:
CoMo Girls Rock! is dedicated to empowering girls, women, gender non-conforming and trans members of our community through creative expression, musical exploration, and performance. We provide leadership opportunities and foster self-respect in a safe space for campers and volunteers of all backgrounds and abilities.
E-mail address
Gender Pronouns
Phone number
Mailing Address
Emergency contact phone number
Emergency contact name
Tell us about yourself!
What do you do for fun? For work/school? What are some of your favorite things!?!
Choose your position!
Other choices
Check any other boxes you feel comfortable doing if you don't get your first choice!
If you chose Instrument Instructor, what instruments do you feel comfortable teaching? Describe any experience playing and/or teaching.
We offer guitar, bass, drums, vocals, and KEYBOARD! You will be teaching beginners!
What other skills/supplies can you bring?
Do you have PA/Sound board experience? Do you speak any other languages? Are you good at crafting? Do you have instruments to lend? Do you have a car? Do you have old magazines? etc.
Describe any experience you've had working with 12-18 year olds.
Why do you want to be a part of CoMo Girls Rock?
Describe your musical background.
Include experience playing, listening, loving, organizing, watching, etc.
What is your time availability both before camp and during the week of? It's ok if you don't know your full schedule, but give your best estimate!
Camp is 9-5 M-F, plus afternoon/evening of Sat, and mandatory meetings and training. We are also looking for folks who can just help during the weekends.
Do you require childcare during camp hours? If so, please provide us with the number of children, their ages, and what days/times you will require childcare.
We will reach out for more specifics later!
What experience, if any, have you had working with any of the following: Conflict resolution, ADD, learning disabilities, depression, self harm, or other mental, emotional or physical challenges?
Please let us know if you are licensed, certified, or trained in any of the following:
Do you have any needs regarding accessibility, health and/or allergies, or dietary restrictions that we can accommodate?
Anything else you want us to know?!
If you volunteered previously, do you have any comments, questions, or concerns about how to improve camp this year?
Mandatory full disclosure statement
Girls Rock Camp is a safe space. As such, we require full disclosure of any past convictions or otherwise which may compromise the safety of the space or hinder your ability to work with the campers or other volunteers. Your signature represents an agreement to fully disclose any pertinent information. Your disclosure is not an automatic disqualifier, dishonesty is! A background check may be required upon acceptance of volunteers.
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