Welcome to the first step in becoming your best self.
YOU are unique, and we believe your Lifestyle, Fitness, and Nutrition Program should align with your specific needs, goals, limitations, schedule, and realities, to best support your success and longevity.

Please take the time to answer these questions with as much honesty and detail as possible. The more you're willing to share with us, the better it will allow us to understand where you currently sit in your journey so we can align our services appropriately to ensure you succeed.
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Please describe your current eating routine/nutrition habits (How many meals per day do you consume? Are they whole food meals, shakes/smoothies, pre-made/pre-packaged, eating out/delivery, do you take into consideration the "what and why" you choose to consume for each meal?, etc...): *
Please describe your fitness/athletic history (any and all sports you've played since youth, any and all workout/fitness programs/routines/gyms you have tried/completed and how you felt about each them (loved, hated, indifferent...etc)): *
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