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License for Work From Home
PeryCap is thinking to provide more trading access in remote to support "Work from Home", we will provide as per various circumstances. before providing access we need some info for eligibility. You need to submit this form if you are interested to trade in remotely as "Work from Home".

Terms & Conditions :

# Currently "Work from Home" is flexible for all PeryCap-ist.
# You may apply for a license "Work From Home" from PeryCap, our concern team will decide whether it should approve or not.
# Without any prior notice, your approved license can be terminate or period extended as per PeryCap's decision
# For license holder, payout % is the same as floor trader only Invoice policy is applicable.
# For non-license holder, the payout will be 40 % (20% STU & 20% LTU) even Invoice policy are applicable.
# For License Holder / Nonlicense holder, Without any prior notice "Work From Home" service any time can be terminated under various circumstances like PnL losses, Trading Manipulation, Wrong info to PeryCap/Masking/Manipulate Info, etc.
# Those who are not joining in Phase 2 on 1st July 2020, you need to take approval from PerCap for the next joining at least 15 days prior.

If you have any question or concern, please email us at or call/WhatsApp between (2 PM to 6 PM) +91 9091407763
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