WABC Level 2 Coaching Certification Course - Application Form
BFI, with FIBA/WABC, will be condting one (1) Level 2 Course around May 2018 which will be conducted by WABC Instructor Nelson Isley. Exact dates and location is not finalized, but candidates will scrutinized heavily to be included in the Course based on their experience and knowledge.

To apply for the course, you must comply with the following steps:

1. Apply via online portal at goo.gl/pJrQQX
2. Submit the following documents via email to bfi.ecoach@gmail.com
o Passport sized photograph
o Aadhar Card and/or Passport
o Proof you are currently coaching
o Season Coaching Plan - long-term plan that a Coach should start creating before a season starts and is continually updated with daily practice plans. This must be created for a team that is currently being trained by the Coach and implemented, this is not a theoretical document. The submission should include the terminology and the concepts taught in WABC Level 1. The following sections must be included in the same:
 Team Details – including name of club/school/college, roster (including positions), training locations & schedule, etc.
 Rules / Regulations of the Team
 Goals – both performance / outcome and team / individual
 Planning on the following stages:
• Macro – season long plan (minimum Season length to be 2 month)
• Meso – breakdown the season long plan into 1 to 3 months sections with greater detail
• Micro – breakdown the Meso plan into 1-2 weeks sections with greater detail
• Daily / Practice - breakdown of Micro plan into individual sessions
o Note: You must submit clean, scanned copy of all the documents to be considered. Photos will not be accepted.
3. Deadline: 15 April 2018

Course details are as follows:
• Curriculum: based on the WABC Level 2 textbook (fiba.basketball/wabc) provided online by FIBA/WABC, it has a two-part examination that is as follows:
o 100 points for Theoretical / Written Examination
o 100 points for Practical Examination
o Total points required to pass = 140
• Eligibility:
o Passed WABC Level 1 Certification at least 1 year prior
o Must be 21 years of age or older
o Must be active Coach and provide proof of the same, ideally in a School, College or Club/Academy
o Must understand, read and write in English (at this point all courses are in English only)
o Must have Coached at least in one (1) State level event or above (i.e. State or National Championship, School Games State or Nationals, etc.) over the prior 3 years
• Priority will be given to the following Coaches:
o Former International Players
o Has an SBA recommendation
o NIS Diploma Graduates
o Those who scored in 90% in the WABC Level 1 Certification Course

All queries should be sent to bfi.ecoach@gmail.com, no phone calls will be entertained.

PLEASE NOTE THIS IS LEVEL 2 FORM, the Level 1 form can be found at https://goo.gl/rgQ1tp

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