2020 MLB Survivor League Entry Form
To enter you must be following three (3) Twitter accounts:
-@league_mlb (you will be receiving DM's from this account)
Your direct message notifications must be turned on so you can be notified when we're ready for your next choice.
After following these three accounts, fill out the form below with your Twitter information so we can contact you when we need your pick.

The rules for the MLB Survivor League are very similar to the rules for football survivor leagues that you can play on sites like ESPN and Yahoo!.

Managers will begin the league by picking a team that they feel will outscore their opponents in Week 1. Unlike football teams though, baseball teams play multiple games each week. So in MLB Survivor League we will total each team's games for the whole week to determine which teams outscored their opponents. (NOTE: Weeks will typically run on a Monday through Sunday schedule, with an exception for weeks 1 and 16. Both of those weeks will be longer than 7 days, but will still end on a Sunday night. Please keep an eye on the league's "Team Schedules" tab to stay up to date.)

If a manager's pick finishes the week with a positive run differential, the manager survives to pick again the following week. (NOTE: Ties will not be considered as a positive run differential, and only a positive run differential will advance a manager to the next week.)

The managers that survive each week will be notified via a direct message from @league_mlb and allowed to pick again for the next week by replying to the direct message that they received from @league_mlb. Here's the catch, those surviving managers will not be allowed to use a team that they have already chosen previously. YOU CAN ONLY EVER CHOOSE A TEAM ONCE!

Surviving managers will be allowed to make their next pick as long as their next pick hasn't already begun play for the week. For example, if the Nationals start their game at 7:05 PM Eastern Time on Monday night and you want to choose them, then you must get your pick in before their first game of the week starts, but if they don't play their first game of the week until Tuesday at 4:05 PM Eastern Time, then you will have until then to choose them by replying to the direct message you received from @league_mlb.

The manager(s) that survive(s) the longest will be declared the winner(s). If there is a tie when the league ends, the only tiebreaker that will be used to break that tie will be each managers' total Run Differential for the league.

Good luck!
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