Shamayim Campus Fellowship Program
The Shamayim Campus Fellowship trains vegan, vegetarian, reducetarian and animal loving Jewish college students to take action.

Fellows will have the opportunity to work directly with Rabbi Shmuly and the Shamayim leadership team. We will help you hone your activism and leadership skills, develop a plan to increase awareness about veganism and animal advocacy in your Jewish communities on campus and supply you with the tools necessary for hosting events and outreach activities.

The fellowship is a school-year long commitment (August-May). Fellows will complete 5-6 campus projects, attend monthly learning conference calls and will be invited to a multi-day retreat in February 2020 at the Brandeis-Bardin Institute in LA with their ticket cost covered. Fellows will receive seed money for campus projects in addition to a $500 stipend upon completion of all fellowship requirements.

Through the Shamayim Campus Fellowship fellows will learn valuable leadership skills and more importantly create a lasting change in their communities.

Apply with your information below. Email for any questions.

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