FLL Teams Interested in Maker Faire
Please fill out the following form to identify which time slot(s) your team is available for demo'ing their FLL season project and robot at the Bay Area Maker Faire.

PLEASE :: Do not sign up without checking with your team beforehand on their availability.


Each team will be given a day pass for team members plus 1 supervising adult - the supervising adult does not need to be the listed FLL registered coach but the team and this supervising adult are expected to be at the exhibit area for the team's entire time slot.

Traffic can take you about 1 hour to get off the freeway and park and into our exhibit area! Every person attending will need to submit a Maker Faire release of liability form - I will send to the team contact once we confirm your time slot.

Adult Coach / Team Contact Person *
this is first and last name who I should email about MF
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Adult Coach / Team Contact Email *
this is the email address of who I should email about MF
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Supervising Adult coming to MF with team *
this is the first and last name of the adult that will be supervising the team at Maker Faire
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Contact Cellphone for Supervising Adult *
in case we need to reach the team during maker faire
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FLL Team Number *
this must be your current year FLL team number
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Which time slots is the team available? I am accepting backup teams (just in case) *
please only sign up for slots that the team can attend - check with them beforehand!
How many of the registered team members will be attending? *
I will contact you for the names and liability form for each team members. Note that each member must have been part of the team from this past season
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