**LEASE FORM** Sayre Public Schools Student/Parent Chromebook Oath/Agreement (18-19) $40.00 for the 1st, $20 for 2+
(For Chromebooks Leased from Sayre Public Schools)
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This agreement is valid for the entire time a student is in possession of a school issued Chromebook. By signing the below, the student, and their parent/guardian agree to follow and accept:
• The tenets explained in the District’s Internet Acceptable Use & Safety Policy and the Code of Conduct for Internet Access Policy. (Board Policy EFBCA)
• The tenets explained in the Chromebook Procedures and Information for Students and Parents document.
• The Computer Loan Agreement. (below)
• If the student ceases to be enrolled in Sayre Public Schools, the student parents will return the Chromebook in good working order or pay the full replacement cost of the computer.
• That in no event shall Sayre Public Schools be held liable to any claim of damage, negligence, or breach of duty.
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Computer Loan Agreement for: Google Chromebook / Protective Case / Power Adapter
The above listed items (the “Equipment”) are being loaned to the above named student and to the student’s parents or legal guardians (collectively the “Borrower”) and are new or in good working order. It is Borrower’s responsibility to care for the Equipment and ensure that it is kept in a safe environment. This Equipment is, and at all times remains, the property of Independent School District No. 31 of Beckham County, Oklahoma, a/k/a Sayre Public Schools (the “District”) and is loaned to the student for educational purposes for the academic school year. Students may not deface or destroy this Equipment in any way. Inappropriate use of the computer or use in violation of the District’s Acceptable Use Policy may result in the student losing his/her right to use this computer. The Equipment will be returned to the District when requested, at the end of the academic school year, or sooner, if the student withdraws from Sayre Public Schools prior to the end of the school year. The Equipment may be used by Borrower only for non-commercial purposes, in accordance with the Policies and Rules Regarding Computer Use attached hereto as Exhibit “A”. The District’s Acceptable Use Policy (Board Policy EFBCA), and all applicable local, state and federal laws, rules or regulations will apply.
Borrower may not install or use any software other than software owned or approved by the District and made available to Borrower in accordance with this Agreement. Borrower agrees not to copy or make any unauthorized use of or modifications of such software or to use such software in any way which violates the software license. Borrower agrees to indemnify the District for any claims arising from Borrower’s misuse of the Equipment including claims alleging infringement of copyright or other intellectual property rights.
The District is not responsible for any computer or electronic viruses that may be transferred to or from Borrower’s diskettes or other data storage medium and Borrower agrees to use Borrower’s best efforts to ensure that the Equipment is not damaged or rendered inoperable by any such electronic virus while in Borrower’s possession.
The Borrower shall be responsible for the care and appropriate use of the Equipment and for loss or failure to return the Equipment in good working order. The Borrower acknowledges and agrees that the Borrower’s use of the Equipment is a privilege and that by entering into this Agreement, the Borrower acknowledges Borrower’s responsibility to protect and safeguard the Equipment and to return the same in good condition and repair or reimburse the District for replacement cost of the Equipment.
The Borrower shall immediately notify the District Technology Coordinator if the Equipment is lost or stolen, or if the Equipment needs repair or maintenance.
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