2021-22 Student Transportation Form
One form per student. Please refer to our bus schedule to locate the number of your bus route and stop time.
Student First Name *
Student Last Name *
Grade *
Parent/Guardian Name *
Parent/Guardian Primary Phone (xxx)xxx-xxxx *
Parent/Guardian E-mail Address
Secondary Contact Name *
Secondary Contact Number (xxx)xxx-xxxx *
Secondary Contact E-mail Address
MORNING-How will your student get to school? *
AM Bus 1/5
AM Bus 2/6
AM Bus 3
AM Bus 4
Afternoon - How will your student get home from school? *
IMPORTANT- List 3 adults (first and last name) other than yourself that may pick-up your student for dismissal, at the bus stop or an emergency. They will need provide photo ID. *
PM Bus 1/5
PM Bus 2/6
PM Bus 3
PM Bus 4
You agree to arrive at the bus stop at least 10 minutes before scheduled pick-up/drop-off time, and allow a 20 minute window for the bus to arrive. *
You understand students in 2nd grade and below will be returned to school if there is not an older sibling or authorized adult to pick them up at the bus stop. After three (3) returns to school the student will not permitted to ride the school bus. *
You agree to complete a new form if any of the information provided changes allowing 48-72 hours for changes to take effect. *
You agree to, and have discussed the Eastside Charter School Bus Safety Rules & Conduct Agreement with your student. *
You understand this form does not serve as official notice of an information change. If you have moved or your phone number has changed, please contact the main office, (302) 762-5834 (ext 100) *
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