DSEA Streamweek Sign-Up Sheet
Last year 4 streamweeks brought the community together, and that legacy will continue with this year's fourth edition. The fourth streamweek of the academic year 2019/2020 will take place next month, July 5th - 11th!

For those who missed it - during a streaming week, members of DSEA will be streaming on the main DSEA twitch channel (twitch.tv/esportsdelft). The week is filled with a variety of gamers and games, everyone is allowed to showcase their own competence and/or comedy.

With this specific edition we want to try something new. In past streaming weeks we have seen that the amount of (flagship) games streamed in a competitive aspect has been quite low. As DSEA, we do not only want to show our social side but also our competitive side. This means that for this streamweek we're going to balance the streams more between fun streams and competitive streams. We will schedule the less competitive streams in the early days of the week and the weekends, while the competitive streams are planned for the middle of the week. This means that we can start and end the streamweek with a bang, and also show how good we actually are at games. Note, however, that this plan is not set in stone and the schedule may differ from it depending on the amount of registrations and the availability of timeslots.

Keep in mind this form does not guarantee you a slot in the streamweek. You have a higher chance of being allowed to stream if you're available on multiple days (to make it easier to schedule everyone in). Crucially, the board needs to approve of the game/content you want to stream (Twitch friendly, legal, etc.).

The deadline for filling in the form is 26th of June, so make sure to fill it in before then if you want to participate!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact BroCo@esportsdelft.nl for more information.

For all of you that are confused as to why it is from Sunday to Monday instead of the regular Monday to Sunday, this has been decided so that it will not interfere with the Smash Spring Tournament
- Being a DSEA member.
- Streaming software (like OBS, streamlabs OBS, etc.).
- Hardware that can at least support a stream quality of 720p with 30 fps.
- Good connection. (Test a stream on your own channel to see if your internet can handle it before filling in the form.)
- A microphone.
- A capture card if you are going to stream console games.

- A webcam
Would you like to take part in the next streaming week ( 5 - 11 July )? *
Do you meet all of the requirements to participate, as stated in the requirements section? *
Will you be streaming as a team, on your own or with other people? *
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