2019 Progress of Alternative Love SURVEY
The official Survey for the Alternative LOVE Conference audience. AlternativeLOVEConference.Com
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Can you share a little about yourself? Your age, a description of the town you live in and the people there, what you do in your spare time and what makes you proud of yourself. How would people describe you? How would you describe yourself? *
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Which Alternative LOVE relationship style do you represent? *
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Do you believe that our society has fully embraced all of the above mentioned Alt Love Relationships? *
Which Alt Love Relationship Style that was not socially acceptable 10 years ago has made the most progress to be acceptable socially today? *
Which Alt Love Relationship that is not acceptable today BUT will most likely become acceptable within the next 10 years? *
How can you tell that an Alt Love Relationship is not socially acceptable? What happens when someone mentions/demonstrates they are a part of one? *
Have you ever been discriminated against/bullied or made fun of because of an Alt Love Relationship? *
How do you feel about the Alt Love Relationship that you identify with most? *
When did you come to identify fully with your Alt Love Relationship Style? *
Was it easy to embrace your Alt Love Relationship Style? *
How easy was it to meet others who were interested in your Alt Love Relationship style? *
What do you think has to happen for ALL Alt Love Relationships to be accepted by society? *
Who is your biggest Alt Love Role Model? Can you share why you admire this person? *
How do you think your child will be impacted by our Society if they participated in an Alt Love Relationship? *
Check all that apply.
What is the biggest hindrance to Society's acceptance of Alt Love Relationships? *
How comfortable are you sharing details of your Alt Love Relationship with peers and neighbors? *
Do you believe your Alt Love Relationship is a choice or a natural desire? *
Do you believe your Alt Love Relationship will impact your career negatively? *
If you could shift your Alt Love Relationship to a more mainstream one, would you do it? *
Have you experienced LOSS because of your Alt Love Relationship? *
If your Alt Love Relationship is not acceptable according to Society, what pushes you to continue to embrace it? *
Can you share a story about how your Alt Love Relationship proved to be a benefit to your life? *
What advice would you give to someone who is experiencing distress because of their Alt Love Relationship? *
Have you ever stopped to think about WHY Alternative Love Relationships were deemed socially unacceptable? What is your personal hypothesis? *
Which public figure or leader do you feel would be a good person to help bring about social acceptance of Alt Love Relationships? *
Would you be interested in traveling to attend a LIVE ALT Love Conference in the future? *
Do you have any questions or concerns for leaders who are advocating for Alt Love Relationships? *
Is there anything else you want to say about your Alt Love Relationship that will help people to understand it more? Identify the type of Alt Love and then share your statement. *
Thank you for participating in this Survey! The results along with your comments will be shared publicly during the Alt Love Conference on March 30th and may appear in a future blog post or publication! Visit AlternativeLOVEConference.Com to register! *
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