AnimalVillageNM Adoption Application
Thank you for taking interest in adopting one of our wonderful pets!
This is the form required in order to adopt an animal from AnimalVillageNM. There is a $25 application fee that must be paid in order for your application to be considered. You may pay this fee at:
Once you have paid the fee, you may let us know via email at
This application asks for in depth information so that we may determine if you are a good candidate for adopting one of our pets. This process is out of consideration for the well being and safety of our animals, and does not reflect personal opinion held by staff at AnimalVillageNM. Please carefully read the directions of each section as you fill out this form.
PLEASE NOTE!: We only adopt animals out to adopters with PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE IN PET CARE. We do not adopt out to first time animal caregivers.
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Sign your first and last name below if you agree to pay the $25 application processing fee in order for your application to be considered, and that you are an experienced pet guardian with excellent veterinary references. Your application will only be considered if these statements apply to you. *
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