Unit 2 Lesson 5.5
Applying Operations with Rational Numbers
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Elaine bought 3 4/5 pounds of apples for $1.99 per pound, 3/4 pound of pears for $2.25 per pound, and 3 2/3 pounds of bananas for $1.75 per pound.
1) What did Elaine spend on apples? *
2) What did Elaine spend on pears? *
3) What did Elaine spend on bananas? *
4) If Elaine brought a $20 bill to the store, how much change did she get? *
5) Orlando earned $92.25 washing windows on the weekend. He worked 3.5 hours on Saturday and 6.75 hours on Sunday. If Orlando charges the same amount for every hour he works, how much does he earn per hour? *
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