Ministry Survey for Teens
This short survey (11 questions) is for St. Paul's member teens, as well as for teens who have a connection to St. Paul's as regular attenders. The goal of the survey is to obtain feedback useful for the development of better ministry programming to teens in the congregation and community. Thank you for taking the time to participate.
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My age is...
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Below, rank the six needs of teens today by checking 1 for the BIGGEST need, 2 for the NEXT BIGGEST need, etc. You can only check one ranking number in each column.
Opportunities to share their questions and concerns
Mentoring from safe, caring adults
Bible education and spiritual training
Quality relationships with various age groups
Recreational activities and social events
Help with determining the next steps: college, career, etc.
Below, list any needs you think teens have today that were not included above.
Your answer
Check the statement below that best expresses how you feel the following areas of St. Paul's ministry are impacting you.
Meeting Needs
Not Meeting Needs
WORSHIP (church services)
EDUCATION (Bible study/training)
FELLOWSHIP (connection to other believers)
RECREATION (engaging in fun activities)
SERVICE (helping others in need)
Below add any comments you'd have about the above question.
Your answer
Check the statement below that best describes your feelings about participating in teen activities/events sponsored by St. Paul's.
Which statement best describes your worship attendance?
Use the space below to share any additional comments about teens and ministry to them that would be useful in this process.
Your answer
Jesus keep you, and THANKS for taking the survey!
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