TINKYROO PROMOTIONS PRESENTS: Romantic Suspense Newsletter Builder Giveaway
Spots for this builder are limited. Please complete the form below to secure your spot in this promotion. The form will close once all spots have been filled.

This giveaway will run for 30 days and starts AFTER All Spots are Filled. We're planning to start this one Nov. 1. You'll be notified via the email you provide once the promo is live.

All participants are required to share this promo in their newsletter at least once within and on social media throughout the giveaway (promo images will be provided). Authors must also supply 2 copies of their ebook to be gifted to the winner at the end of the promo.
All books must have a professional cover and editing.

Entrants will be asked to sign-up to one or all participants' newsletters in exchange for entries into the giveaway contest.

There will be 2 prizes for this promo:

1st Prize: One Kindle Fire (shipped directly from Amazon to US Resident only) and 1 ebook copy from each author in the promo (provided for free by the author and no email signup required).

2nd Prize: 1 ebook copy from each author in the promo (provided for free by the author - Free, not KU).

Buy-in: $20 USD (paid via PayPal) & 2 copies of your chosen ebook to award to winners.
This cost will go toward the prizes, ads if there are enough participants, and our time.

Signing up for this promo means: If the PayPal transaction number and/or payment is not received, you will be removed from the promo.

We do not guarantee sales or number of signups. Numbers are estimated. The reach of this promo depends on everyone sharing in their newsletter and on social media throughout the promo. The more each of us shares and spreads the word, the more interest we'll drive to the promo.

* Giveaway open to US Residents ONLY

Please visit https://tinkyroopromos.wordpress.com/upcoming-promos/ for information on other and upcoming author group promos and other services as well!

Questions? Contact Jamie at tinkyroopromos@gmail.com
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