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Our goal is to collect useful Tools and Resources to share with the Community to enable researchers to access and enhance the current datasets and knowledge they can gain from the SPARC portal for their own research.

This survey should take about 5 minutes to complete.
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1. Are you involved in SPARC-funded research?
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5a. Which category or categories would you place this tool/resource? Select all that apply *
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6. Is it free and/or open-source? *
7. How broadly is it used in biomedical science? *
8. Does it have specific applications to the autonomic nervous system and the neural control of organs? *
9. Briefly describe your experience using this tool? *
10a. Are you the tool or resource creator? *
10b. If yes, what was your primary goal in creating this tool?
11. Has this tool been used to date in an NIH SPARC funded project? *
11b. If so, how has it been used?
12. Are you willing to participate in other user research to support the development of the SPARC portal? *
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