SUSA Purchase Order Form
-This form should be filled out if your club needs funding for something that does not accept ISRs, e.g. apparel, rooms, supplies, banners, non-STAMP food vendors, etc.

-NOTE: please see “Smith School Approved Catering List” for a list of approved caterers.

-This form MUST be completed at least 2 weeks before the date that you need the goods (e.g. if your event is on 2/22, you must submit your request by end of day 2/8).

-Upon completion, you will receive an approval/denial notice and shipment details from SUSA's VP of Finance.

-If your purchase order is approved, SUSA will handle the order process.

-If the goods are NOT being delivered to an event of yours, you will be responsible for picking up the goods from VMH 2520 upon arrival.

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Purchase Information
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i.e. where this product will be purchased from.
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If this date is within two weeks of today's date, your request will be denied.
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If you are requesting event food (e.g. Papa John's), please include the time AND location of your event. If this does not apply, please enter N/A.
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