State of Black Sustainability - Exchanging Best Practices
The 9th annual Black Sustainability Summit is coming up and we are compiling input from all of sustainability practitioners around the world. We would love to get your perspective/work in your region. Please fill out this form to share info on your field of expertise in sustainability.
  • Key challenges in our communities

  • Solutions/best practices in our community

  • Types of resources/Amount of funding needed

  • Top Funders/Funding sources across Industry House

  • Funding amounts

  • Comrades/Complementary Organizations

  • Educational Resources

  • Must have trainings-what trainings/skills should experts in your field have

  • Key technologies

Responses will be shared throughout the Black Sustainability Summit through games and activities. We will also collectively produce a State of Black Sustainability report. 

Please email if you or your entity would like to co-sponsor the report.

We know it is a lengthy, but no one has gathered this information FOR our community BY our community. All participants filling out 100% of survey are entered into a $100 raffle - 20 winners will be announced at our summit on October 12, 2024. Your input will also be shared back.

*Afrika is spelled with a ‘K’ throughout this site in recognition that traditional Afrikan languages did not have hard C's in their vocabulary and in acknowledgement that Africa is not the true name of the vast continent. Afrika represents a redefined Africa; when one speaks of Africa versus Afrika, two different world-views are being articulated; one supporting the Afrikan ethos and the other supporting the European ethos. We use Afrikan when referencing any person of Afrikan descent, whether from the continent or across the Diaspora (North America, Caribbean, South America, East Asia & West Asia/Europe).
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