Pupil Questionnaire
The governors and staff would like to know your views about the schools.
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Are you happy in school?
Do you find out new things in lessons?
Are your lessons interesting and fun?
Do you get help when you are stuck?
Do you have to work your hardest at all times?
Do teachers show you how to make your work better?
Do other children behave well?
Are other children friendly?
Is there an adult you would go to if you were worried at school?
Are teachers fair to you?
Do teachers listen to your ideas?
Are you trusted to do things on your own?
Do you have fun in school?
What do you like most about school?
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What would you like to change about the school?
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What makes a lesson good or interesting?
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What makes a lesson bad or boring?
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What is your favourite lessons/activity in school?
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What would you like to do more of at school?
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What do you think of playtime and lunchtime? Is there anything that could be better?
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