COVID-19 Waiver and Declaration
This waiver & declaration must be completed prior to visiting the Club for the first time upon reopening. A verbal declaration will also be required on every visit to the Club. If you have any questions, please email us at

The Club appreciates your cooperation in following the COVID-19 protocols which have been put in place to protect members, staff and our community. These protocols have been established based on recommendations from the Province of Ontario Health and Safety Association Guidance documents and sport governing body recommendations.

The Club is reopening based on the assurances members make to the Club and to each other in this document and on each visit to the Club. Accordingly, any false statements could result in the Club being forced to deny member access. Further, members agree to observe and fully abide by all rules and protocols set out by the Club.

As you are all aware, the virus can be transmitted by asymptomatic people and accordingly the statements made by members contained in this document cannot provide certainty that the virus will not be transmitted. The club is taking prudent steps to impose and enforce appropriate protocols to keep members safe, but there can be no assurance that the virus will not be contracted while at the Club. This is a risk that each member must assess themselves when deciding to visit the Club.

By completing and submitting this declaration you agree to the following.
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As an essential worker, I have an exception which includes travel associated with the movement of healthy workers in the trades and transportation sector such as flight crews, truck drivers, railroaders, mariners, or the movement of other healthy workers across our border to go to work, which would include health care providers and critical infrastructure workers. I will closely self-monitor on a daily basis and self-isolate immediately should I exhibit any symptoms of being ill.
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