PSD Athletic Mission Statement
To pursue excellence daily through character and education-based activities that...
1) are not defined by the scoreboard or rating sheet;
2) demonstrate a commitment to respect, the spirit of fair play, and the ideals of sportsmanship;
3) are aligned with the mission, values and policies of PSD and the CHSAA;
4) are led by coaches/sponsors that are committed to such ideals; and
5) are participated in by students with an understanding of their role in representing PSD, their school, their team, and their community.
Which sport did you participate in: *
Which Level? *
Why did you choose to participate in athletics?
What did you hope to gain from this experience?
Reflecting on your season, please indicate if your experience was positive or negative. Provide a statement to support your response.
Did you feel communicated with/supported by your coach and athletic department? Please explain.
Please include any additional comments you feel would help improve our sports programs.
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