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Thank you for your interest in a workshop with The Writing Center! Please fill out the form below to place your request. We ask that you request workshops at least two weeks in advance to allow time for processing.

If you have questions at any time, please contact our Workshop Coordinator, Jerrice Donelson, at You can also email The Writing Center at or call (517) 432-3610 during regular business hours.

Note: Unless otherwise notified, after you submit this form, the workshop you request will take place on your first choice of date and time in the location you select. Remember, if you are requesting a workshop more than two weeks in advance, (unless there is some sort of issue) you won't receive any additional communication from us until the facilitators have been scheduled. If you are concerned and want to confirm that your request has been received and that your workshop has been scheduled, please email our Workshop Coordinator, Jerrice Donelson, at
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