Sex Workers Outreach Project Grievance Form
SWOP-USA wants to be able to address community concerns and issues. We welcome conversations, criticisms and critiques. Feedback from the community is an important part of organizing and helps keep us all accountable.

If you have any trouble using this form, please call us at Community Support Line: 877-776-2004 (x 1).

**Note: 11/5/2019**
Our Ombudsperson is on a leave of absence until further notice. This is currently being monitored by our Executive Director - Christa Daring.


1. After you submit a response using this form, it will go to the SWOP Ombudsperson. It will also be visible to the Chapter Coordinator and the Communications Director. Those three individuals are the only ones able to read these submissions. (If you have grievance against any of these individuals, you may send an email to the ombudsperson at If you have grievance against ombudsperson please send an email to

2. The Ombudsperson should contact you within 5 business days to follow-up, if you chose to be contacted.

3. If someone else in SWOP is better equipped to handle your grievance, the Ombudsperson will contact you first for permission to involve them.

4. If you'd prefer that your grievance stay 100% confidential between you and the Ombudsperson, do not fill out this form and instead please email:

~(if you have a general question about SWOP or want to know more information about our organization, please do not use this form and instead, email

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