Digital Capacity Environmental Scan
There is no single standard for digital literacy. An exhibition designer will need different tools from a social media manager, who will also need different knowledge and skills compared to a digital preservation specialist. This digital capacity environmental scan will help us to evaluate and identify trends and general digital literacy in the museum/library/archive/historic house/heritage keeping community.

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Organizational Operational Budget
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How many paid full time staff do you have at your organization?
How many paid part time staff do you have at your organization?
How many volunteers do you have at your organization?
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Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
I enjoy using digital devices
I feel comfortable using digital devices
I am aware of various types of digital devices
I am willing to learn more about digital technologies
I feel that I am behind other organizations in using digital technologies
I think that it is important for me to improve my digital fluency
I think that my organization's offerings can be enhanced by using digital tools and resources
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How would you rate your skills for working with the following?
Very Good
Very Poor
I use this program as a content consumer but not as a content creator
I do not use/know
Word processing applications (e.g., MS Word)
Spreadsheet applications (e.g., MS Excel)
Database applications (e.g., MS Access)
Presentation applications (e.g., MS PowerPoint)
Email Template applications (e.g., Constant Contact, MailChimp)
Social networking sites (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
Podcasts (e.g., Apple Podcasts)
File sharing sites (e.g., Dropbox)
Photo sharing sites (e.g., Flickr)
Video sharing sites (e.g., YouTube)
Web search engines (e.g., Google)
Drag & Drop Web design applications (e.g., Weebly, Wix, WordPress, Squarespace)
Museum Cataloging Programs (e.g., PastPerfect, Catalogit, Collective Acess)
Blogging (e.g., Wix, Weebly, WordPress, Blogger, Medium)
Graphic Design Programs (e.g, InDesign, Illustrator)
Online Exhibit Creation (e.g, Omeka, Scalar)
Audio or film editing programs (e.g., Audacity, Filmora)
Using audio recording equipment to capture oral histories
Photo editing (e.g, Photoshop)
Template based design programs (e.g. Canva, Picmonkey)
Content Management Systems (e.g, membership database, collections database)
Scanning documents or photographs
Using collaborative tools (e.g, Google docs, Slack, Trello)
Using AR/VR technologies (e.g, Sketchfab, Unity, Matterport)
Using Digital Maps and GIS Technologies (e.g, ArcGIS Story Maps, Historypin)
Basic HTML
3D Scanning/3D printing
Do you have a scanner at your organization or have access to one?
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Please check all that apply
Of the materials that have been scanned, what percentage is online and available to the public?
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Does your organization have digital materials available on NY Heritage?
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Does your organization utilize archival or museum collection management software (e.g, PastPerfect, Catalogit, Argus, ArchivesSpace, Collective Access)
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Does your organization currently have any online exhibits?
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Do you manage the social media presence for your organization?
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Which social media platforms does your organization utilize? Choose all that apply.
Which of the following do you feel are the most effective ways to increase digital literacy among organizational staff? Check all that apply
How do you expect technological advancements will affect the museum/library/archive/heritage keeping community in the next 5 years?
How do you expect technological advancements will affect your site specifically in the next 5 years?
How important do you consider the training of employees or volunteers to be prepared for these changes?
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If you were recruiting a new person to your organization (in any role), what are the top three digital skills or literacies you would like them to have?
Prior to COVID-19, which of the following digital offerings did your organization utilize?
Which of the following digital offerings did your organization utilize as a result of COVID-19?
Please indicate which statement is the most true for your organization.
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Please rank the challenges below in considering barriers to increasing your organization's digital offerings *
Lack of funding
Lack of time
Lack of a team/staff to develop & work on it
Lack of in-house knowledge
Lack of Board support
Lack of buy-in from my organizational administration
Lack of interest
I am feeling positive about the digital future of my organization
Extremely positive
Extremely negative
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