A Little About You
This is a complementary photo session, only for those that are sick of being driven crazy buy indecision, lol, lol, if you realise it is time to look and feel amazing, no matter what your excuses, your size, height, age, figure type don't matter.

I would like to know a little about you. Nothing too hard from your side, I would like to contact you to have a chat, get to know you a little, start to plan so you have a special experience and allow you to get to know me. I know that it can be quite scary sometimes so I aim to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Feeling just a little excited, I hope so, as I know we will have lots of fun.

For your trouble you will get to choose your favourite Print as proof of how amazing and special you are. Your print will be in a mat ready to put in an 11" X 14" Frame. If you wish and I hope you will, you can purchase more photos, it is totally up to you, no pressure.

There is a $50 session fee fully refundable if you choose not to purchase any photos, otherwise it is your credit towards your photos that I am sure you will love. This is non-refundable deposit if you fail to come to your booked Photo session.

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