YES! I want to start a BBPB Team in my City
AWESOME! You may be wondering... what does it actually mean to be a BBPB Team? or what will we have to do???

So, to start, we wanted to share some of the key things that we do as a BBPB Team in Bali and we think all other Global Teams should get involved with as well:

- Lead education presentations in schools about harms of plastic and what we can do to be apart of the solution.
- Spread awareness about BBPB by planning and participating in fun activities and community events.
- Organise regular planning meetings for the BBPB Team.
- Create a FB Page to share local BBPB activities, events, photos and videos.
- Fundraise to pay for local BBPB expenses and activities.
- Investigate the legal side of banning plastic bags and take action to get them banned.
- Be an inspiration for all youth to stand up for what they believe in.

STILL INTERESTED?! If the above sounds like something you want to do, press NEXT so you can tell us who you are and where you want to start a BBPB Team.

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