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Many teens and young adults have extraordinary and creative ideas to help their community, anywhere from starting a volunteer program to park beautification. Too often, though, these same aspiring community leaders are unsure of where to begin. That is why LSP has created a page for project submissions. Fill out the form below to give LSP an idea of your project idea, specifically: what it is, how it will benefit the community, and what you need from LSP. Examples of projects could be anything from a club event at a local high school to putting a bench into a local park or completing a piece of public artwork--any and all ideas will be considered. Selected projects will have to complete a report upon completion to submit to LSP, and members of the project will be honored and highlighted by LSP. Projects can be funded up to $250, if selected. LSP is a grassroots organization formed by community members, and we understand how difficult it can be to turn your ideas for the betterment of our community into reality. But don’t worry, we are here to help you in whatever capacity that we can.

Please contact Ana at (707) 480-1091 with questions or email

Note that more information might be required from projects upon selection.

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